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Graham Wilkin (2009)
  • European Spruce
  • Indian rosewood
  • Gotoh machines
  • 650mm string length
  • 52mm nut width
  • Action 4mm bass 3.0mm treble
  • Light construction at 1.4kg with 5 fan bars
  • French polished
  • F/FSharp body resonance

Graham Wilkin from Sussex, made this instrument in the workshops of Stephen Hill in La Herradura Spain. He was certainly inspired, as the guitar is constructed to a high professional level using top grade timbers. The sound is quick yet creamy warm and could be used as a fusion flamenco/classical guitar. It has Golpe plates. The neck and action are as easy to play as you might wish. This guitar represents excellent value and should be seen and played. Condition is very good with just small signs of playing. There is one noticeable mark (not through the polish) and other minor ones on the top at about 11°clock.

£850. Includes a hard case which is also in excellent condition.

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Alistair McNeill (2013)
  • German Spruce
  • Indian rosewood
  • Ebony head
  • Sloane machines
  • 650mm string length
  • 51mm nut width
  • Action 4mm bass 3.0mm treble
  • Light construction at 1.6kg with 5 fan bars
  • G body resonance

Alistair McNeill from Chippenham in Wiltshire England, is recognised as one of England's top luthiers. He has been building for more than 40 years. This Hauser inspired guitar is number 260. It is made with top quality timbres and with very fine attention to detail. The result is a very musical guitar that looks wonderful.

The guitar has obviously been little played hence the almost new condition. Just the one very careful owner. There are only the slightest marks and I have pictures of these (some of which hardly show any thing). The sound is pleasingly clear yet always warm. The balance is exceptional. The guitar is very easy to play being on the smaller side like the original Hauser models.

A new McNeill guitar is hard to come by and costs considerably more than the asking price of £2895.
Includes hard case.

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R E Spain (1974)
  • Canadian cedar
  • Indian rosewood
  • Fustero machines
  • 660mm string length
  • 53mm nut width
  • Action 4mm bass 3.0mm treble
  • Light construction at 1.6kg with 5 fan bars
  • G body resonance

Guitar Magazine, May 1983 on R E Spain - by George Clinton.

R E Spain trained as an engineer and most of his guitars were sold exclusively through the Ivor Mairants Musicentre (215 of them), before he started to make bespoke instruments on commission (c.1980). He also did virtually all the repairs that came into the Mairants shop during that time. In 1983 his guitars were on sale for £450 (a Ramirez 1A at that time was £900). Apparently his guitars were highly thought of and Bernard Watson of the Omega Quartet used one for years.

Ray Spain was originally from Salisbury despite his namer! This example is in very fine condition. Only minor marks on close inspection. The instrument is a Ramirez 1a style but to its advantage in my opinion, it has a lighter construction and a much easier neck than the real thing. The sound is bold yet clear with a tropically 'Spanish' concert tone. The woods are all of high quality. No wonder these guitar were so popular in the 1970's.
Original hard case.

Represents fine value at £950.

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Sergio Abreu (2002)
  • Spruce top
  • Morado Rosewood
  • 646mm string length
  • 52mm nut width
  • 7 fans struts
  • Sound ports
  • 1.8 kgm
  • Action: 4mm 3mm

Most guitarists have heard the wonderful Abreu Brothers Guitar Duo from Brazil. In 1980 Sergio retired from playing and dedicated his life to lutherie. This guitar is number 469 signed on the label and in pen inside. Abreu guitars are played by notable concert artists such as Fabio Zanon. The sound is even and projects well in the concert hall. The unusual sound ports do make a difference to the guitars volume. A rare guitar by a sort after maker. The condition is very good with only small signs of having ever been played. Requires CITES to send outside EU. Maestoso can arrange this for you.
Comes with hard case in good condition. £3600.00
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Arturo Sanzano (1998)
  • Cedar top
  • Indian Rosewood
  • 650mm string length
  • 52mm nut width
  • 6 fans struts with Bouchet bars
  • G body resonance
  • 1.7 kgm
  • Action: 4mm bass 3mm treble.

A fine artisan made guitar by ex Jose Ramirez workshop luthier Arturo Sanzano with his own apprentice Alfredo Gregori. The instrument is made with top quality woods. The woodworking inside and out is excellent. The sound is typically Spanish/Madrid - loud and round. Despite the age of this guitar, it is fine condition. It has golpe fitted which will have added extra protection from players nail marks. There is the odd small knock to the top and the inlay which is more than acceptable for a 1998 guitar. All in all a very playable large sounding guitar at a good price.
This guitar will require CITES to send outside EU. Maestoso can arrange this for you. Price includes Hiscox PRO II case in VGC
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English 19th Century Guitar
  • Spruce top
  • Mahogany body
  • Ebony fretboard and moustache bridge
  • 550mm string length
  • 44mm nut width
  • 1 kgm
  • Original brass plated machines
  • Action: 4mm bass 3mm treble

A Panormo style parlour classical guitar. Unlabelled presumed English 19th century. This guitar is in original condition. Considering its age, it is in a solid condition and playable with a sweet sound. Frets are good and must have been replaced. The neck is straight. Most of these examples have missing buttons and pearls-but not this one.
There is a repaired crack to the mahogany either side of the heel. Comes with original flip open case and key! £350.00 SOLD
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Pablo Requena (2004)
  • Cedar
  • Indian Rosewood
  • Handmade pearl rosette
  • 650mm string length
  • 52mm nut width
  • Rubner machines
  • 9 fans struts
  • F sharp to G body resonance
  • 1.6 kgm
  • Action: 4mm bass 3mm treble
Pablo Requena originally from Malaga in Spain, made this guitar at his Lewes workshop in Lewes East Sussex England. It was one of a limited number with handmade mother of pearl rosettes. Pablo has now become a well recognised luthier and his new guitars sell for more the £4000. Here is a chance to own a stunning second hand model in used but sound condition. There are some marks to the top and the back but no cracks.The woods are of stunning quality. It is very easy guitar to play and rewards one with a strong mature, balanced sound. Must be tried.

The instrument has been checked by Pablo himself who was very pleased to see it again.

This guitar will require CITES to send outside EU. Maestoso can arrange this for you.
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Juan Hernandez (2015)
  • Spruce
  • Madagascar rosewood
  • Spanish Cedar neck
  • 650mm string length
  • 52mm nut width
  • Action 4mm bass 3.0mm treble
  • Light construction at 1.7kg with 5 fan bars
  • G body resonance

Juan Hernandez Iranzo was born in Turis (Valencia) Spain in the late 1940's. Age 15 he joined the workshop of Francisco Esteve. For many years he has made guitars with his family as apprentices and now the guitars are almost totally made by his talented son Alberto Hernandez. This guitar is signed by Alberto December 2015 and numbered 138.

The guitar can only be described as in "as new condition". It hard to find signs of use yet the sound is certainly "played in" and has fine expressive depth and volume. The extra decoration,top quality attractive woods make this rather special. The guitar is traded in for the new Maestro model by a happy customer wishing to up grade. Represents excellent value at £1350. SOLD
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Stephen Kakos (1985)

Madagascar rosewood
Mahogany neck
Thin nitro varnish
660 strings length
52 nut width
Schaller machines
Action 4.2mm bass 3.2mm treble

This respected American maker from Minneapolis USA has been building guitars since 1975. This concert guitar represents his work well with its generous open warm sound. The instrument is in very good condition with just a couple of minor marks to the top. The action is excellent and it is very comfortable to play.
Comes with original pod style case in good condition. £1995
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Roberto Pozzi (2013)
Italian spruce
Indian rosewood
French polished
650mm string length
52mm nut width
Action 4.0mm bass 3.0mm treble
Very light construction with five fan bars

Roberto Pozzi is a well respected luthier from Como in Italy. This is his STUDIO model. The construction is very light and the sound compares well with any top quality concert guitar, being very round with depth and creamy clarity. The Italian spruce top is 20 years matured. The cost savings on this model have been made with less inlay work and factory machine heads. The Indian rosewood has not been filled hence the white patches in areas. If sound is the most important thing? then this guitar is a winner! There is a small repaired crack to the back.
Comes with original Rawlings foam case with straps. £1695
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Pablo de la Cruz (1986)

Sitka spruce
Indian rosewood
French polished
Fustero Machines with black plates
650mm strong length
52mm nut width
Action 4mm bass 3mm treble
Very neatly constructed five fans and Bouchet harmonic bars
Highly attractive inlay wood work.

Pablo de la Cruz was born in Madrid in 1927 and made his first guitar in 1965. The sound from this guitar is warm and particularly even. It is very comfortable to play as the makers son, played the guitars and helped in the neck design. Despite two minor cracks to the top expertly repaired by Rohan Lowe (and hard to see) the guitar is in good over all condition. There is some loss of polish to the back of the neck, which could be re-polished at some point. This is reflected in the price.
The guitar comes in its original Hiscox case. £899 SOLD

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