Royal Classics Guitar Strings

Maestoso Music is pleased to be distributing these fine Spanish made strings from Valencia to the UK.

Best selling sets:

with crystal trebles and antioxidant bass.


RRP £11.95
with black or clear trebles and antioxidant bass


RRP £11.95 (also with clear trebles)
Postage £1.50 (for any number of sets UK).

Sonata strings in four tensions:
  • Light
  • Medium-high
  • Forte
  • 'X' Forte

Already available at:

• GAP Guitars Northamton 07834 923474

• Eagle Music Huddersfield 01484 661460

• Stringbusters online 020 8783 9090
.....or ask your local music store via Maestoso and will send you a complimentary se as well - just ring!

Guitar Salon (GSI) USA Review

"The latest addition to the Royal Classics lineup, the Sonata's are a medium-high tension set with silver-wound basses and clear trebles, very full and rich sounding and extremely comfortable to play. Royal Classics strings have been popular in Spain for many years. A limited production line of "boutique" strings, they have been used by Tomatito, Oscar Herrero, Carlos Bonell, Edoardo Catemario, and many other guitarists, both Flamenco and Classical. All the sets are treated against oxidation, and have a strong, well-balanced tone that continues to sound "alive" for longer than most brands. Further, they are available in bass-only sets (which include an extra D string), and treble-only sets, allowing you to mix and match for a more personalized sound and feel. Finally, they are also known for holding their tune faster than other makes of strings, a tremendous benefit especially in a performance setting."

NEW CONCEPT STRING - DYNAMIC WHITE. Purity and tension of nylon, with the power of carbon. Ring for stockists details.

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