Nick Branwell

Nick Branwell

Nick Branwell

Nick Branwell built a couple of electric guitars for the school band in 1964. Fifty years of playing all kinds of guitars followed, alongside working as carpenter and landscape gardener.

In 2014 he decided to go back to making guitars and took to it immediately. Handling so many different guitars meant he knew how a guitar could or should sound as well as feel and look. An intensive period of study followed, with several superb teachers, each with their own method and speciality - Nick Pyall at London Metropolitan University, Mike Hobbs at South Thames College, Richard Osborne and Pablo Requena.

In his South London workshop Nick now makes various steel-string guitars and following close discussions with Paul Gregory at Maestoso Music, Torres-inspired classical models, as well as the occasional baritone ukulele or cross-over nylon string guitar for a jazz player.

We are delighted to stock guitars by Nick Branwell. He has a great ability to 'hear' the wood he is making with. His experience as a fine player himself prompts him to make guitars that feel just right. You have to come and try! Sample guitars in London and Brighton. Currently sold out of Torres models. Expecting new in the autumn. Small deposit secures first viewing. One T3 in stock.

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Model T3 Lattice

Model T3 Lattice text
  • Wood lattice.
  • French Polish (cut back).
  • Panormo style head.
  • 650 /52
  • Low body pitch with dark bass and brilliant trebles.
  • Huge projection and sustain.

(This model is also available with traditional Torres bracing)

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