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COMING SOON -   Manuel Bellido flamenco 1977, EB Jones, Christopher Dean, Marin Montero 2009, Jochen Roethal 2011, Asturias (John Mills model). We buy guitars.

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'just wanted to say that I've got used to the Lazar now and it's perfect in every way! My No 1; great playability and wonderfully responsive!’ Stuart from Hampshire.

'I would just like to thank you very much for everything — your hospitality, the amazing service and most of all: the guitar. The guitar is just unbelievable to my ears! I absolutely love it and I can barely stop playing it, bar for food and water.' M from London

Thank you “Maestoso Music” for selling my spruce top and assisting in the purchase of a superb Casimiro Lozano cedar guitar.
The whole process was achieved in a very friendly and professional manner from initial contact, the condition assessment and set up checks to the presentation on the web site.
Highly recommended and a personal thank you to Paul Gregory (Maestoso) and Nick George (Luthier) for all of their time, assistance and advice given to me. Ian from Scotland

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9 guitars available.

Asturias John Mills Model (1987) - Click here to view and order this product

Asturias John Mills Model (1987)

Made in Japan to exacting standards, the Asturias workshops teamed up with the great British concert guitarist John Mills. The model was acclaimed in the 1970's as a quality concert quality guitar with AAA timbres and Mr Mills played many concerts on the instruments.

John Mills says "This instrument has been built to my personal specifications. Our aim has been to design and produce a fine hand built concert guitar at a moderate price.Tone quality, clarity, balance, sustain and ...

Pablo Requena (2003) - Click here to view and order this product

Pablo Requena (2003)

A very fine sounding flamenco guitar by the Spanish luthier from Malaga. This one owner guitar was actually built from his English workshop in Plumpton Sussex. A maker who commands respect from his superb woodcraft and attention to details (see his luthier tutorials on YouTube!) The rosette in itself is work of art and one of the prettiest I have seen. The sound is typical of a light weight solid cypress backed flamenco - brilliant and quick. This guitar is has now matured and so has depth as we...

Nick Branwell (2020) - Click here to view and order this product

Nick Branwell (2020)

A fine guitar built in homage to the Antonio de Torres 1864 model, FE 19. The tone woods are of the highest quality, the top having bearclaw markings. The sound is exceptionally even, open and responsive with fine projection. The herringbone woodworking is stunningly attractive. This instrument has been a demonstrator model from new (January 2020) and is now fully played in. Maestoso Music has had the pleasure of showing the guitar and has gained orders on commission from it. A new model is now...

Hirade (1982) Concert Art - Click here to view and order this product

Hirade (1982) Concert Art

JUST SOLD A high end concert level guitar from the Takamine company in Japan. The label is signed and says hand fabricated, but the overall quality is of a luthier made instrument. The sound,feel and response is indeed that of a professional guitar. A real gem from the 1980's made from top tone woods to last. A new model is now £1800. This particular guitar is in exceptional condition for year with hardly a mark on it. No cracks. The set up and playability is a pleasure. More in...

Jose Ramirez III (1966) - Click here to view and order this product

Jose Ramirez III (1966)

JUST SOLD An historical instrument 1a model by the legendary luthier Jose Ramirez III. He was born in 1922, son of Jose II and died in Madrid 1975 aged 73. His guitars are mostly famous for the use of red cedar tops (when all other makers were still using spruce) and the great player Andres Segovia who favoured his Ramirez guitars above all others. Jose told George Clinton in 1974 'I make sure that everything is done exactly as I want' - this shows here with the choice of woods and car...

K Yairi (1973) YC100 - Click here to view and order this product

K Yairi (1973) YC100

K.Yairi has a long history since 1935 and is still making guitars in Japan today. You can find historical details: https://yairi.com Like most Japanese constructed guitars, the build quality is exceptional. There is real care taken with the important details of bracing and set up. This guitar sounds amazing and the neck is as straight as the day it was made with no dipping to the top. It has a generous round sound with the low body pitch. The action and neck profile ensures comfort and easy pl...

Philip Woodfield GIII (2010) - Click here to view and order this product

Philip Woodfield GIII (2010)

NOW ON SALE - £4695 reduced from £4995. A very fine example by the award winning British luthier from Bexhill Sussex. Philip Woodfield has become recognised as a top luthier having been making for over thirty years. Being a fine player himself, he has committed his work to making instruments that sound generous and play with ease. Although this path has led him to modern-day techniques including raised fingerboards, lattice bracing, sound ports and carbon components, his process of ...

Ramirez SP (2007) - Click here to view and order this product

Ramirez SP (2007)

NOW ON SALE - £2250 reduced from £2495. Ramirez, perhaps the most famous family name in guitar lutherie from Madrid Spain. The Special Professional (SP) model was originally designed by Jose Ramirez IV in the 1990’s, similar to the famous 1A model but ‘artisan’ made by the family to reduce costs. In 2003 Amelia Ramirez further refined the model and that is what we have here. It is beautifully made with top class wood working (even inside) and timbers. The soun...

Casimiro Lozano (2001) - Click here to view and order this product

Casimiro Lozano (2001)

NOW ON SALE - £2595 reduced fron £2995. Casimiro Lozano is a much respected luthier from Cuenca in Spain. He has been building guitars for over thirty years. His original inspiration came from Ignacio Fleta and from there he has developed his own style of bold sounding guitars. Concert artists Miguel Angel Rodenas, Takeshi Tezeku, Michinori Hashimoto and Jeses Gomez Llorente play Lozano guitars. You can read more www.casimirolozano.com A guitar with an exceptionally balanced musi...


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