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The name Altamira originally came from the cave of Altamira in Santander located in North Spain. In it you will find drawings from 30000-20000 BC, which turn out to be the oldest original works of art. The Altamira cave was listed on the "World Heritage List" in 1985.

Design and quality are the characteristics of Altamira guitars that have made long-term customers so satisfied. The guitars have a traditional 'Spanish neck' and are well structured, very stable and reliable.

The woods of all Altarmira guitars come from a world-class dealer and have been dried for more than three years. The entire guitar production follows strict instructions of the Spanish construction method.

Please note that future shipments will no longer have any rosewood and will be CITES free.

We also offer the Altamira Gypsy Jazz guitars as well. Please ring for details.

See a guitar being made:

Before the guitars are shipped around the world from China, there is a control run in which the intonation is checked and the bridge and the nut heights are controlled. Only instruments that meet the requirements of our quality criteria will be shipped to your local store. Student instruments of the highest quality.

The beauty of the guitar has been brought to high level by Hanson and Altamira Guitars
David Russell

Altamira N90

Altamira N90

Solid red cedar, laminate mahogany body & neck, wood inlays, mat finish. The ideal starter instrument at a budget price!
£229 PRICE HELD FOR 2023

'I took the N90 teaching yesterday and it sounds surprisingly sweet on top as well as having that lively bass that makes these Altamiras seem like they should cost more than they do. The matt finish neck feels very comfortable. From what I have tried lately they must be up with the best value student instruments currently available.'
Graham - guitar teacher in Hampshire

'Guitar arrived as planned, thank you and it is brilliant. Such great value and lovely to play.'
Andrew - guitar tutor South London

'Another satisfied customer!'
Sam - guitar teacher Bath

Altamira N100

Altamira N100

BEST SELLER! Solid red cedar, laminate mahogany body & neck, wood inlays, finish. The ideal 4/4 gloss finish starter instrument. SENORITA 7/8 63.6 cm also available.
£259 PRICE HELD FOR 2023

'These guitars give such a deep rich sound, the children really enjoy playing them, we are lucky to have them.'
Nichola - guitar teacher in Derbyshire.

'Just to say the guitar arrived and we have one very happy boy!'
Mum in Sussex

'I would like to thank you very much for the amazing and friendly service we received from you. The service was also quick and smooth. The guitar is beautiful and so well and carefully wrapped even inside it’s bag. So even if the packaging cardboard was damaged, the guitar was intact. Your guitar has brought much joy. Thank you !' Christine from Hants

Altamira N200

Altamira N200

Solid red cedar, laminate mahogany body & neck, Indian rosewood inlays, back strip, gloss finish. Surprisingly elegant sound (Grade 3-5).

Altamira N300

Altamira N300

Solid German cedar/spruce, Indian laminate rosewood body. African mahogany neck, Indian rosewood inlays, gloss finish. (Grade 4-7).
£455 PRICE HELD FOR 2024

"Gosh - what a guitar! I do not believe I got such a classy sound for that money...."
Evan (Leeds)

"I am very happy with the guitar. The build and sound quality are very good indeed. The quality of the spruce top is what you would expect on a much more expensive guitar, they have thinned it enough to have some flex in it - often cheaper guitars are stiff making the sound dead. I will start using it when I teach"
Barry (Cheltenham)

Altamira N400

Altamira N400

ALL SOLID Red cedar/German spruce, African mahogany body & neck (ebony strip) Huge tone and easy to play. (Grade 5-8). This model ticks all the boxes and sounds and feels professional. Stunning model, sometimes overlooked as being less expensive than expected!
£629 PRICE HELD FOR 2024

'These instruments are very consistent in quality and very well finished. Dozens of my advanced students have been inspired by this superb guitar. Highly recommended"
Sasha - W Sussex

Altamira N600

Altamira N600

ALL SOLID High quality solid cedar top/Indian rosewood body. Carbon fibre neck rod. Pro feel with balanced sound
An advanced student guitar - ideal for college. Grade VI upwards

Altamira 200CE

Altamira 200CE

Solid cedar top, laminate mahogany body, Indian rosewood bindings, Fishman Aero Tune. Cutaway.

Altamira 300CE

Altamira 300CE

Solid cedar top, laminate Indian rosewood, Indian rosewood bindings, Fishman Aero Tune. Cutaway.

Special models

SOR model with maple back in coffin case

Vienna 'Stauffer' model in coffin case

Please see :

Altamira Gypsy Jazz Models

Solid spruce or cedar cutaway maple back and sides. Large and small rosettes. CITES free.
Please see:
from £785 for Model M

'Loving the guitar. It is revealing many gifts'. Steve - Sussex

Vintage finish


Arrived safe and sound, thank you.

It looks fantastic and plays beautifully 👌 - Bernard from Somerset

All Altamira classical guitars have bone and nut saddles.

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