Stephen Frith (2002 No.189) made and signed with Jose Romanaillos

Stephen Frith (2002 No.189) made and signed with Jose Romanaillos

JUST SOLD Sometimes you find something special in your hands - and this guitar is one of those times! Stephen Frith is a well know English luthier working in Sussex. He made his first guitar in 1979 and went on to study at the London School of Furniture with H Schwatz and M Gee. In 2001/2 he joined the workshop of Jose and Liam Romanillos in Siguenza Spain. As Stephen says "These were eye opening events in my life where many of my ideas were confirmed, and refined by one of the worlds great makers. I took the opportunity to work with both Jose and Liam to learn the techniques they use. Every moment during my time in the Siguenza workshop my eyes were taking in the templates, jigs, designs and methods."

This guitar was jointly made and signed by Stephen, Liam and Jose. As such, it is an historic instrument. It is in mint condition. Having played quite a few Romanaillos guitars, I can honestly report this instrument is what you expect as a player. The sound is balanced with a wonderful depth and sustain. Every colour is available and the guitar responds under the fingers with wonderful sensitivity. Must be tried.

Further pictures and sound recording available but please come and play this guitar for yourself.

  • German Spruce
  • Indian Rosewood
  • Individual matching inlay woodwork
  • French polish
  • 650mm string length
  • 51mm nut width
  • Action 4mm bass 3.0mm treble
  • Light construction with 7 fan bars
  • 1.5g
  • Upper bout 27cm Lower bout 35cm
  • Fustero 'Especial Chromado' machines
  • F body resonance


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