Rik Middleton (2012)

Rik Middleton (2012)

Rik Middelton from Coventry gave up teaching in 1994 and become a full time luthier. This guitar is different from the norm, in that it is a quality concert guitar in a small scale. Its heritage is obviously that of Torres/Hauser merging to classical ‘parlour’. The wood-working and materials are top class and attention is drawn to the attractive eyes on the back. The 60.5mm scale is ideally suited to a player with small hands but I have to say my medium size found the guitar comfortable. It also has a slightly arched fretboard to aid barré.

Rio Middelton has glowing reviews from professional players such as Matthew Sear who wrote ‘…the ease of playing is superb and the guitar helps me attain the kind of expression I need when performing. The subtlety of tone is rich and warm and dynamic range extremely responsive’

The condition of the guitar is really as new and a credit to its one owner. Please ask for sound files.

Inc.Hiscox Pro II (sized) case.

  • Engelmann Spruce
  • South east Asian Rosewood (dabergia baronii)
  • 60.5mm string length
  • 51.5mm nut width
  • 4mm bass 3mm treble
  • 1.68kg
  • 268mm upper bout
  • 353mm lower bout
  • Construction:7 fans
  • Body pitch F#
  • Alessi machines
  • French polish


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