Other Selected Models

Other Selected Models

Aileen A40
‘Aqua’ Laminated gloss starter guitars.
Attractive colour.
Excellent fretting and hardy construction.
Ideal for 7 - 10 year olds.
Special 45 mm nut.

£48 (£52 with case).

Bautista Iranzo ‘Preludio’
A wonderful new model from the Hernandez workshop.
Top quality tops and ebony fingerboard. Double laminated body in ziricote giving a crisp warm sound that projects effortlessly. Looks stunning too. Available 640 or 650 scale.

"OMG this is an amazing guitar for that price; the balance across the strings and the projection are both excellent; not to mention how it looks - please congratulate all concerned in its creation!" Alan-Dublin

Jose Antonio
M1 All solid body with red cedar top, Indian rosewood body, ebony with back strip.
Double tie string block, Hauser plantia.

This is a very classy guitar. So well made and even polished inside!

"Thanks for being so helpful on the telephone. Just to let you know I collected the guitar and I am delighted. It was thoroughly pleasant dealing with yourself and Haydock Music in Glasgow. As a novice it was great to deal with enthusiastic people willing to share in their passion. I am inspired." John (Scotland)

Esteve Bass guitar (one octave lower).
Solid Cedar top with laminated Indian rosewood.
Easy to play.
Works brilliantly in ensembles and guitar orchestras.
With special hard case.


Jose Antonio Fleta replica
A wonderful faithful copy of the iconic guitars by Ignacio Fleta.
High quality cedar top and Indian rosewood body.
Made for the demanding Japanese market so have to be excellent!


I am totally delighted with my new guitar. It is beautifully made and sounds so round, full and even I can't stop playing! Certainly the best guitar we could find within our budget. Thank you so much! Eleanor (Wendover)

MASTER GUITARS to order by:

Jochen Roethel, Stephen Frith, Stephen Eden, Roberto Pozzi ,Sakurai Kohno, Richard Hartley, 
Stephen Hill, Sakei Ishii, Teodoro Perez.

Pablo Requena
With German Spruce and Brazilian rosewood. Body pitch of F producing a wonderful even round tone throughout the range.

£4500. Indian £4150