Luthier Strings & Accessories

Luthier Strings & Accessories

'Luthier Strings have outstanding tone and long life'

Paco de Lucia 1974-2012

'I love the balance , smoothness and response of Luthier Strings'

Juan Martin

Maestoso Music is proud to be the sole importer of these hand made guitar strings from New York.

All sets are the same price in the UK - £10.90 SRP
  • Set 20 - Medium
  • Set 30 - Medium/Hard
  • Set 40 - Bronze Medium/Hard
  • Set 50 - Hard Tension
  • Set 60 - Extra Hard

These strings are very much favoured by flamenco guitarists. However, modern guitar sound and instruments very much suit classical guitars too.

The Luther Nail Cloth Kit is a pocket size solution to nail care with multi grades cloth backed filling paper and a shaping block. £7.50


  • Tuning Mode: Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, bass & Chromatic
  • Colourful Screen Clip Tuner
  • A4 calibration: 430-450 Hz
  • Tuning way: Clip

SRP £10.50

The Capomatic

A patented product that slides effortlessly (one handed) up or down the fretboard. Available for classical, steel-string and electric guitars. SRP £27.50

See the Youtube video:

Other Goodies

  Altamira quality wooden footstool
Collapsable and adjustable.Strong. Attractive.
SRP £19.99

Ortola lightweight gigs with full thick rubber lining with straps. 
'Protection Plus'

We have some other cases - please ask.
Available in black, white , ivory, red, silver, matt grey.


AC-100 Carbon cases. Black. Velour interior with string box. 100% carbon shell. 3kgm. Adjustable handle. Quick release latches. Straps. Top end case for top end guitars.

£589 free post to UK