Manuel Lopez Bellido (1974)

Manuel Lopez Bellido (1974)

'The man who works the wood sees in the guitar the ultimate goal of his work'- says Manuel Lopez Bellido.

Bellido is considered by many professionals as one of the main names of the Spanish Guitar. The great 'Tomitito' played one of his guitars in the same era as this flamenco guitar.

You can see more of this maker and his sons in the Granada workshop.

You can hear a 1982 fl

Manuel Bellido was born in 1939 and started making guitars in 1957. He is still making to this day. But I doubt you can get a new one now? This guitar is a rarity to the market.

This instrument is typical of its period, with the very essence of flamenco sound - rich and powerful and open sounding. The original pegs work well and they just make the traditional 'look' for a vintage flamenco guitar. One could consider replacing them with mechanical pegs and just keeping the originals in the case. But I really love these and the guitar stays well in tune.

The guitar has history and as such some wounds. Two repaired cracks are solid and done many years ago, so no reason to question their solidity. There are of course marks to the top and I have pictures of all of these. This guitar is an investment as well as a professional players instrument. Without cracks, the value would be nearer £5,000, so we have factored the conditon into our price.

The original case is just usable. We can arrange for a new one if desired.

Really must be viewed....

.Solid European spruce
.Cypress back and sides
.Cedar neck
.660mm string length
.53mm nut width
.Action 3mm bass 2mm treble (can be set up as desired)
.5 fan bars wit a mini extra treble bar
.Original wooden pegs
.Upper bout 27.5cm
.Lower bout 36.5cm
.F sharp body resonance
.French polish


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